That’s what she said.

Bit of inside baseball:  I occasionally have to go in and run updates on the site(s).  Baujahr, Strobe, here, my poor excuse for a blog.  And I was doing so already this week.

And then I decided to play on my Blog a little.  Just to pretty it up.  Maybe turn it into more of a landing page for some of the podcasts I do (I will not link to those here directly because they contain all the naughty words and then some).  So I wound up emailing Levi (something else I don’t do nearly enough) and asked him if maybe, should he have the chance, could he draw me something pretty to put up top.

And he said sure, but he had to finish up the next page of SHaLK he was currently working on.

And I maybe had a small stroke.  Because there’s no way I could be reading that right.  SHaLK?  Working on??  Currently, like, this decade???

But here we are, not three days later, and I’ve got it, hot and heavy in my hands (see dumb joke above), burning into my soul through my eye sockets.  And it is wondrous!  Such a thing of absolute beauty!  I mean, those nipples on Brynjar alone (if you have a distinguishing feature, make it work for you).  And Scott-Botts!  Lovely, bearded Scott-Botts!

This is why it’s important not to give up on things, even when they languish (I’m looking at you, Strobe!).  Because you just never know.  You might get lucky one day and get new Levi art in your inbox.  And that makes for a mighty fine day indeed!